Monday, July 29, 2013

CrossFit Games champions Rich Froning and Samantha Briggs.

Warm Up

 Arm/Leg Swings x 10

400m Row

2 Rounds


10 KBS

10 Goblet Squats


EMOM for 10 Min

3 Hang  Pwr Cleans 


 4 RFTof:

10 Back Squat (155/100) – from the ground
20 KB swings (70/53)

15 Min Cap

We are hosting an Apex Games Training Series workout on SaturdayAug 3! This will take place during the normal 7 am class time. Free to members. $20 for Apex series training athletes

Then come back at 5pm to Support Lauren and Caitlin in raising funds to start their non- profit, Charlene’s Angels! This will also double as the June Firebreather party! Come party and get your money! Please bring a side to share!

Our magnificent front desk sister team, Caitlin and Lauren, are hosting a fundraiser to help start their non-profit, “Charleen’s Angels.” Their mom, Charleen, has been battling breast cancer on and off for 12 years. After realizing that a support center for the children of a parent with cancer does not exist in this area, “Charleen’s Angels” was born.  The sisters want to collect pledges for reps of the following exercises; rope climbs, pull ups, hand stand push ups, and back squats (65#). Each exercise will have a time cap, and there will be a one minute rest in between. After/During the workout, there will be a celebration with food, drinks, and merriment. Please come out Saturday, August 3rd at 5 pm cheer them on and be a part of something really big for their family and for Greenville. You can even join them in their CrossFight and workout alongside them.

For more information on the fundraiser and how to make pledges or participate, or for more information about Charleen’s Angels, check out their blog .

BOWLING 8 pm FRIDAY, AUG 9! AMF Bowling Lanes! BE THERE!