Wednesday, August 7, 2013

There’s no secret pill. It’s so very simple. We can always count on Coach Brandon to give us the cold hard truth. Eat like like an adult, people. No, “but what about”s!

Need extra motivation, accountability and guidance?? We offer nutrition counseling for an additional charge. $50/4weeks gets you body fat calculation, measurements, weigh in, goal setting, a food journal that is required to be kept up to date, and a 15 minute weekly one on one meeting scheduled at your convenience to review the previous weeks choices. Accountability can promote progress. Let us know if you need some extra help transitioning to a healthier way of living.You can email [email protected]

Here’s a 20 minute mexican salad recipe to help you get started.

Warm Up

Arm/Leg Swings x 10

200m Run

2 x 10 of:

 Front Squats



 18 Min to find 2RM Clean & Jerk (Power Clean is OK)

Reps do not need to be touch & go but re-grip should happen immediately if dropping


Amrap 12 Min

15 KBS 72/53


We are meeting at AMF Star Lanes this Friday at 8 pm! Please add your name to the list on the board if you are planning to attend (please include +1 in sign up if you’re planning to bring a guest) so we’ll know how many lanes to reserve. EVERYONE is welcome! If you’re new and don’t know anyone yet, then definitely come!

Please be sure to register kids for class at least 1 hour before class begins. If no one is registered class will be canceled and the coach will not be there. If you are having trouble signing up online, just give the front desk a call an hour before class begins and we’ll make sure your child is signed up. Thanks! 864-438-1450