Thursday, August 29, 2013

We have posted this video before, but it’s got some great cues so watch it again!

Warm Up

Arm/Leg Swings x 10

250m Row

2 x 10

SPT/Barbell Push Press/Box Jumps/Hanging Knee Raises


Push Press

12 Min to find a Heavy Triple


For Time:

800m Run

21 TTB

21 Push Press 115/75

600m Run

15 TTB

15 Push Press 115/75

400m Run


9 Push Press 115/75

20 Min Cap

Scale Run and weight as needed.

WE ARE OPEN FOR 1 CLASS ON LABOR DAY! There will only be a 9 am class on Monday, September 2. Please preregister!

BIG BIG Thanks to some of our members who help us out BIG TIME! We would like to acknowledge our kind and talented members for helping to share their skills in an effort to keep this place looking lovely for you everyday.

Ever wonder how the grass outside stays so perfect?! We thank Ben Black for keeping our lawn top notch! Pick up one of his business cards on the board by the door!

Big thanks for recent outdoor maintenance from the Motorcross Boys, Ryan, Trey and Sam! They are master weed eaters!

Thank you to Matt Wood for shining up the barbells and pull up bars(especially the really high ones!) on a weekly basis!

We thank Jon Byrnes and Ben Black for the dog fence and outdoor pull up bars!

Thanks to Chris Fay for creating all of the awesome custom whiteboards you see throughout the gym. Visit his latest venture, WODgraphics,  to see what else might be coming our way. Share with your friends at other gyms too!

Thank You, Tom Davis, for helping to keep the gym spic and span!

We can’t thank Katherine Turner enough for showing up at 5 am 2 mornings a week to help welcome the morning crew and start off our morning to do list!

In addition to our helpful members, we thank all of our front desk ladies AND Glen for noticing every detail, and our coaches and assistants for showing up ready to teach and have fun! Finally, big thanks to our members for respecting this incredible space that we are so lucky to work in by cleaning up after yourselves. We appreciate all 200+ of you!! We’re feeling really grateful as we approach the 1 year mark. Keep an eye on the blog for news on a Big Time Celebration this October!

Need some help paying for your membership?? We are searching for a couple of awesome people for our work exchange program. We need some extra help at check in and with cleaning duties at closing time on Thursdays(5-9pm) and Fridays(4-7pm). If you are interested and can commit to 1 shift/week(the same day every week) for long term, please email [email protected] for more details.