Friday, August 30, 2013

Warm Up

Arm/Leg Swings x 10

400m Run

:60 of slow SPT

:60 of Banded Good Mornings

3 x 8 of each progression, adding minimal weight each round

Snatch Grip

Triple Extension

Triple Extension & Shrug

Triple Extension, Shrug & High Pull

Muscle Snatch


Hang Power Snatch : 15 Min to build to a heavy triple


3 EMOM for 10 Min (Use 1st 5 Min to determine weight)


12 Min Amrap

200m Med Ball Run 20/14

10 Wall Ball

*5 Burpee penalty every time the ball hits the ground or you rest against the wall.

WE ARE OPEN FOR 1 CLASS ONLY ON MONDAY, SEPT 2! Sign up for the 9 am class if you plan to attend. It’s gonna get Filthy.