Sunday, September 22, 2013

Come celebrate the Autumnal Equinoxwith a running WOD on this beautiful first day of Fall!

BOTH rowing clinics are full this morning.

Hooooray for William’s 2nd place win at the Apex Games yesterday.¬†Great showing from all our athletes! Ian and Charles 2nd place competitive team division, Harrison 1st place in his age group, Jess 1st in age group and Paul killed ab 15 young bucks. BIG THANKS to our volunteers! Not sure where final results are posted, but I’ll find out and pass that info along.


Warm Up

outdoor warm up!

running mobility


Run 200m, 21 WB/21 HRPU/21 Pull Ups

Run 400m, 15 WB/ 15 HRPU/15 Pull Ups

Run 800m, 9 WB/9 HRPU/ 9 Pull Ups