Monday, September 30, 2013

Thanks for registering for class ahead of time last week! Please keep it up! It has been very helpful! We have adjusted the registration cut off to 2 hours. 

Our open gym time is getting more use. We are happy to be able to remain open all day for busy schedules. Here are some rules and reminders for open gym…

1. We have sooo much space! Please use it! If you are doing your own thing, it is not allowed in the main room while a class is in progress. It’s distracting to the class and to the coach. Good News! We have a new squat rack in the front room and almost everything in the gym is on wheels so you can just roll what you need to the other room! If you need pull up bars or any thing that can’t be moved, be creative. Use what’s in the other room or wait until there’s an open gym block available(10-12 & 1:15-4:15 M-F).

2. Clean up after yourself. Please put rings back the way you found them, replace all equipment, clean chalk from the floor and equipment, mop up sweat, etc..

3. In the main room, the music is all yours during open gym hours, but please be mindful of what you are playing. We don’t care what you play IN the building, but if the lyrics are something you wouldn’t want your grandma or your 5 year old to hear, please make sure to turn off the outdoor speakers.

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Warm Up

Pole to Pole Agility

3 rounds

10 SPT, 10 Box Jump, 10 Jumping Pull Ups


Push Press

15 min to find a heavy 3


16 Min Amrap Up Ladder…continue as high as possible

alternating between :

Power Clean 155/110

Pull Ups

Rx+ =

Power Clean 205/140

Muscle Up