Friday, October 4, 2013

LAST CALL ON LOCKERS! We have placed a note on all lockers to find out who they belong to. If you have a note on your locker and have not notified us, please let us know which one you are using. Monday, any unclaimed lockers will be emptied and open for use by any member. First come first served!

Warm Up

200m Run

2 rounds

:20 Sampson Stretch, each leg

10 Walking Lunges

15 Push Ups


4 x 500m Row, Rest 3 Min


OTM x 10

Odd: 3-5 Muscle Ups/ 3-5 Pull Ups, No Kipping

Even: 4-6 Squat Therapy

It seems that things are disappearing from the refrigerator. Beer is the only thing in the refrigerator that is free! If you take water, larabars, or protein pay for it at the front desk. We have added the sign out sheet as a convenience for you to jot down things you pick up so that they can be charged later if the front desk is busy. If things keep disappearing we’ll have to do away with the honor system.  Please remember to let us know what you take. Thanks!