Friday, November 15, 2013

Join us for Movie Night this Saturday!! Click here for details!

Olympic Lifting with Brandon this Saturday!

Who’s in for Team Linda and The UAL!?? Get a team! Teams can compete as all male, all female, or coed in either scaled or Rx divisions

WHY SHOULD YOU COMPETE?!??! Here’s a great reminder from Andrea.

The Swamp Rabbit Holiday Party will be on Sat, December 21!!

There’s a new app from MindBody to help you register for class from your smartphone! The only catch is that you must first click the link in the email that is sent after you get the app. If you don’t, it will ask you to pay to sign up for class or will create a double account for you. Open our schedule page from your phone and the option to get the app will automatically pop up. We hope it’s helpful!




20 Min to Find 1 RM


5 Min Amrap

3 Pwr Clean & Jerk 135/95

1 Rope Climb

-Rest 2 Min

5 Min Amrap

3 Pwr Snatch 135/95


(Rx+ 155/110)

*We will be finding our 1Rm in the Clean, Bench Press, and Overhead Squat next Week.  Make sure you are here for those days. (Mon, Tues, Fri)