Monday, December 30, 2013

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Back Squat

4 x 5 @ 80%, rest 2 min between sets


Amrap 10 Min

5 Thrusters 100/65

5 KB Snatch to Lunge Right 44/25

25 DU’s

5 KB Snatch to Lunge Left

RX+ 135/95, 53/35

UH oh! We’re noticing a fall back into the bad habit of not registering for class before showing up. If you know that you’re coming, please sign up for class ahead of time. Yesterday 12 people registered for a 30 person class. Of course, if at the last minute you get some time to pop into class unregistered, yes please still show up! If you know you’re coming please register in advance. It really helps us to expect a large class. THANKS!

You’ll notice changes to the 2014 schedule. We are rolling out a new plan for our current and new athletes for the new year. We will maintain all current class times(CF Performance), with the exception of the 7:30 pm class. This is moving to 7:00pm starting Thursday, January 2.  We will be adding 8 new classes and specialty classes. New class times are at 6am and 6pm M-Th(CF Fitness). Anyone can come to CF Fitness classes- current members, new members, friends. This is where new members will start, and current members can come to these classes if they prefer the programming for that day.

Check out the Class Description page for class details. 

In a nutshell, for our current members, all class times(aside from 7:30pm) and class style will remain the same.

New members will join by starting whenever they’d like with 12 CF Classes and will be able to come to any All Levels classes at any time.