Thursday, January 2, 2014



Olympic lifting with Brandon Saturday at 9 am. Register Now!

CF Performance WOD

5 RFT of:

400m Run

10 V-Ups

20 Mountain Climbers


7-10 Minutes of  Mobility



Coach led warm up

Foundations- squats,push ups, pull ups


Group Mobility

Guy’s Night, January 11th. 

We will go see “Lone Survivor” (Time TBD) then meet back at SRCF Sunday morning at 0400 for “Murph”

NEW CLASSES start today! We’re kicking off our CF Fitness classes today at 6am and 6pm. These classes are for everyone! Current members will love this class for a more intimate class size, more instruction and for the convenience of a class that starts at the top of the hour.

CF Fitness is also where our new members will begin. So if you have friends and family who are interested in jumping into CrossFit send them to a CF Fitness class. You can even join them if you’d like and their first class is on us.


TEAM NUTRITION CHALLENGE MEETING is Sunday, January 7 at 4:15 pm.

Please join us on Sunday, January 5 at 4:15 pm for a nutrition seminar and rules meeting for our next TEAM nutrition challenge(beginning January 13).

Challenge rules are below. Specific rules will be given out in a packet at the meeting.

-Teams of 4. Teams of 3 can be worked with, but 4-person teams are preferable. Nominate a captain and have a team name. If you’re in need of a team or a teammate, contact Amanda ([email protected])

-Individual buy-in will be $40…a dollar a day, heyhey! Buy in money will go towards the Winners’ jackpot!

-Each person earns 1 point per day of clean eating. A 4-person team can earn a total of 28 points each week.
Each participant will receive a packet of foods that are allowed/not allowed.
If you cheat once, you do not earn your point for the day. If you cheat again in that day you LOSE a point. If you drink alcohol, you LOSE 2 points. The idea here is to encourage you to get right back on track if you slip up.

-You must keep a food journal. This will be discussed at the meeting.

-You must participate in at least 3 scheduled classes per week and must also participate in 1 additional WOD per week with your entire team. This can be a class or a made up WOD that your team does during open gym, at a park, someone’s house or backyard.

-Team captain should send in his/her team’s point totals by Monday at noon each week with team name and members names. Each team member is responsible for updating his or her own food journal.

The Challenge will kick off on Monday, January 13 so start clearing out your cabinets!

If you cannot attend the meeting, and want to participate, please email [email protected] and she will get you your packet and will connect you with a team. visit the facebook page(link above) to start connecting with people or start asking around in class for teammates.