Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Some Benefits of Deadlifting:

-Deadlifts are extremely safe when done with correct form. Unlike squats or the bench press, you don’t risk being pinned under a heavy weight. If your forearms or back give out you can bail and drop the weight safely.

-Deadlifts have practical, real life application. Have you ever lifted a heavy TV or box off the floor? You’re deadlifting. Start deadlifting and impress your friends, spouse, or grandma the next time they ask for volunteers to move something heavy.

-Deadlifts sculpt the entire core — obliques, upper abs, lower abs, transverse absominis (aka the inner abs, which sucks everything in tight)

-Deadlifts work many muscle groups in one simple movement: the calves, quads, hamstrings, butt, arms, core, lower/middle/upper back, traps, and shoulders

-Deadlifts burn a ton of calories and absolutely blast body fat

CF Performance



1 x 10 @ 50%

1 x 10 @ 60%

1 x 8 @ 70%

1 x 6 @ 75%

1x 4 @ 80%


Amrap 12 Min

5 Pull Ups


15 KBS 53/35

Rx+ C2B Pull Ups, HSPU, 70/53


CF Fitness

Wall Ball & T2B Intro


EMOM x 12

Even- 10 Wall ball Shots

Odd- 10 T2B