Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Join John for Olympic Lifting class on Tuesdays at 4:30pm.  Class will build on Brandon’s Saturday Olympic Classes, but are for all levels. If you are new to Olympic Lifting the Tuesday class is great for you!  Our athletes who have had more practice with these lifts will also be challenged by the Tuesday Olympic WODs and can greatly benefit from adjustments and cues. The small class size promises a lot of instruction and coaching to get you more comfortable with the barbell. 

It’s time to sign up for the CF OPEN! 

CF Performance





For Time:

Row 500m

20 Front-Rack Walking Lunges 95/65

30 Pull Ups

20 Front-Rack Walking Lunges

80 Double Unders

Rxt+= 115/75, C2B Pull Ups


CF Fitness

Intro to Deadlift and Push Press


Deadlift 3×10


10 Down to 1

Deadlift 95/65

Push Press 95/65