Thursday, February 13, 2014

All classes are canceled.

The gym will be open from 11-2 today. We do not recommend that you drive there, but it’s your choice. BE SMART.


 5 RFT

9 Burpees

12 Dips(use a chair, coffee table)

15 Jumping Squats

After Party

Hollow Body<—click the link for directions.

3 sets of a slow 10 second hold

Arms and legs can be bent for modification. do not let your low back come off of the floor. 


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We currently have 48 Swamp Rabbits Registered for the CF OPEN. We are ranked 9th in the Southeast out of 240 Affiliates. Keep registering!

After you have registered make sure that you have chosen Swamp Rabbit CF as your affiliate AND Team.

1.  Visit
2.  Log-in with your username/password in the upper-right corner
3.  Your information should say “Registration complete”.  Edit your “Team” and search for “Swamp Rabbit Crossfit”

Are you interested in being a certified judge? Take the CF online course to get tested on judging standards. This will be helpful to be a fair judge during the open. The CF Judges certification is also required for CF Regionals and Games judging as well as some of the garage games competitions. Garage Games often offers free registration for competitions in exchange for judging events. It’s a helpful course to take online and is likely to even improve and clarify movement standards in your own training.

Competitive Rx Athletes, join us every Saturday at 12:30pm starting Saturday, February 15 for a Competitors WOD.

On Saturdays there will be a specific competitor’s WOD programmed for athletes. The athlete is responsible for his or her own warm up, however there will often be a coach or several coaches participating and he/she can be available for leading a warm up. Competitor’s WOD is for both male and female members who would like to complete workouts that have an increased level of skill requirement and/or heavier weights in preparation for future competitions and skill development.  We will work on increasing strength with challenging MODs, improving form during WODs, and “gaming” workouts in order to maximize results.  This will be a fun, competitive environment where athletes will be able to feed off of each other to build a stronger competitive edge while honing in on more advanced skills.

Required prerequisites to participate can be found here. Please see Jake or Shawn if you have any questions or if you are interested in joining the class.  We ask that you  be able to complete at least 14 out of the 16 requirements to participate in Competitor’s class. As we gain more competitive athletes we hope to expand this into a full fledged coached class. For now it is simply a time for Rx competitors to meet up and push each other to new limits. Join us on Saturdays!