Tuesday, February 18, 2014

charlesCharles makes the muscles up club!




1 C2B Pull Up

1 Power Snatch 135/85

2 C2B Pull Ups

2 Power Snatches



Rx+ = Muscle Ups

Rest 5 Minutes


Run 200m

15 Hand Release Push Ups

30 Double Unders

Rx+ = HSPU, 60 DU’s



Hang Power Clean 5-5-5


10 minute clock

ROW 500M

then with remaining time AMRAP

10 K2E(sub hanging knee raises)

5 Front Squats 95/65

 NUTRITION CHALLENGE PARTICIPANTS! We are finalizing measurement times. We will have a sign up sheet posted by Wednesday. 

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We currently have 49 Swamp Rabbits Registered for the CF OPEN. We are ranked 8th in the Southeast out of 240 Affiliates. Keep registering and we could win most athletes registered in the southeast!

After you have registered make sure that you have chosen Swamp Rabbit CF as your affiliate AND Team.

1.  Visit games.crossfit.com
2.  Log-in with your username/password in the upper-right corner
3.  Your information should say “Registration complete”.  Edit your “Team” and search for “Swamp Rabbit Crossfit”

Are you interested in being a certified judge? Take the CF online course to get tested on judging standards. This will be helpful to be a fair judge during the open. The CF Judges certification is also required for CF Regionals and Games judging as well as some of the garage games competitions. Garage Games often offers free registration for competitions in exchange for judging events. It’s a helpful course to take online and is likely to even improve and clarify movement standards in your own training. Please let us know if you have passed the judges course.

Competitive Rx Athletes, join us every Saturday at 12:30pm starting Saturday, February 15 for a Competitors WOD. There will be a Copetitors WOD this Wednesday at 7:30PM.