Wednesday, April 9, 2014

 Cool Post from Jeff on Facebook Last Week!


You’ve all Probably all noticed Chaz, our newest coaching assistant, in classes over the last week. Chaz has recently completed his CF Level 1 Certification and is currently going through our assisting process so you’ll be seeing him in class a lot. Welcome to the team, Chaz!


Educating our coaches and assistants is very important to us. Teaching all of our athletes to move with safety and efficiency in mind while giving you skills and tools to perform to your best ability is our goal. Our coaches spend their free time reading books and blogs, watching videos and going to seminars and certifications to maintain a quality level of coaching. We even meet monthly for our own trainer training where we help each other build coaching skills. Our Coaches have a passion for learning and teaching and we hope that you feel that! We love what we do! Thanks to our athletes for being the reason that we love our job!

Wednesday’s WOD



A. Power Snatch Progression

A. Build to a heavy Snatch (12 Min)

B. Build to a Power Snatch Triple

B. EMOM x 8

     1 Snatch High Pull + 1 Snatch @70%

of A




Goblet Squats


*As many reps as possible in

12 Min or Time


Thrusters 95/65


*As many reps as possible in

12 Min or Time