Friday, April 18, 2014

Fitness & Performance


4 Rounds:

10 Pendlay Rows

1:00 Rest

Max Snatch-Grip Press (8-13)

1:00 Rest


7 Rounds of:

:30 Row

2:30 Rest

Choices: Love or Fear?
Written by Nick Hawkes

Every day, from the split second you open your eyes as your alarm clock goes off in the morning, you are presented with choices. These choices can come from two different views: Love Based or Fear Based. Either view you choose has the ability to yield the same results, but the journey and your internal workings along the way will be significantly different and can leave you, at the end of the day, feeling drained and depleted, or accomplished and full. Here are a few examples:

– Taking the dog for a walk

  • Fear based view: I have to take the dog for a walk so that the stupid thing will not chew up items in the house and leave a less than ideal present on the floor.
  • Love based view: I get to take my dog for a walk because it is good for them and helps enrich their quality of life.

– Going above and beyond at your job

  • Fear based view: I have to do (insert menial task) so that I don’t lose my job or get passed over for promotion.
  • Love based view: I have the opportunity to (insert menial task) to help my team and create a better product.

– Texting while driving

  • Fear based view: I am not going text and drive for fear of getting pulled over and receiving a ticket.
  • Love based view: I am not going to text and drive because I do not want to put myself or others in the possibility of harm.

– Going to the gym

  • Fear based view: I am going to the gym so that I do not get fat, thereby making it impossible to slide into my skinny jeans.
  • Love based view: I am going to the gym because it is time that I can disconnect, focus on myself, and invest in my own health and well being.

This concept of Love and Fear based choices can be applied to any decision that you have the opportunity to make each day. Next time you are faced with a decision, before you go about it, take a second to become aware of what your underlying views and feelings are. If it is one of Fear or discontent, try to think of all of the positive things that will come from completing the task, and thus changing your position to one of positivity and Love.

The more you do this, the more habitual and easy it becomes to stay in a positive and loving  place when going about your daily undertakings. And, what the world could use a little more of, well actually a lot more of, is people who are willing to accept what they have to do, and perform that task from a loving view. Everyone has the choice, learn to make it a loving one!