Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Fitness Performance
A. 15 Min Cap A. 15 Min Cap
3 RFT of: 3 RFT of:
10 Goblet Squats 10 Front Squats 135/95
15 Ring Rows 20 Pull Ups
25 DU’s or :60 50 DU’s or :90
  Rx+ = 185/135, C2B PU, 50 DU’s
B. B.
Front Squat Front Squat
3 x 5, across 3 x 3, across
Extra Work:  
-7 Sets of the following Pull Up Complex:  
3/2 Strict C2B+3/2 Strict PU + 3/2 Kipping C2B PU  
-10 x 35 unbroken DU’s for time  


Mark your Calendars for July 12th from 9-1. We will are having our AM vs. PM Throwdown 2014.

AM = 530,630,900, 1200

PM = 430,530,630,730

 WOD #1

Sled Push & Burpees

12 Min AMRAP, Distance

2 Person Sled Push while other members of team accumulate as many burpees as possible

1 Burpee = 1 ft. to be added to total distance pushed

WOD #2

10k Row

 Each team will have 4 Rowers set to 2500m.  All rowers have to be zeroed out.

WOD #3

10 Min of “Team Cindy”

5 Pull Ups, 10 Push Ups, 15 Air Squats

Each member completes as many rounds as possible and total rounds will be tallied at the end.

WOD #4

30k Ground to Overhead 

Each team will have 4 bars with set weights

WOD#5 (Relay Style)

“Karen Medley”

Start on one side of the gym

Up and over 20′ box


Up and over 24′ box

5 Abmat Sit Ups

Up and Over 30′ Box

10 Wall Balls

“Grand Finale”

1 vs. 4

Hudson Fricke (7th Fittest Man in the Southeast Region) vs. Jake, Jess, Brandon and William.

Each one 1 of us will do a CF “Girl” WOD (Fran, Isabelle, Grace, Diane) and Hudson will do all four.

If your business would like to donate anything to make the event the best it can be, please send an email to [email protected].

We are raffling some prizes, including 2 Kelly VanLeeuwen Massages! Our friends at WOD Graphics/TPM have donated an AM/PM banner that we’ll keep in the gym with all sponsors names on it.