Thursday, July 12, 2014

Endurance Workshop June 28 @10:30 am

Registration is now open in MindBody!

Come to this FREE 2 hour workshop to get hands on coaching on running form. Learn proper technique and find out what you can do to improve your running, whether you’re training for long distances or just trying to improve how you feel on your four and eight hundred meter runs.

This workshop will be led by our very own Stephen Pelcher with Jessica Clohessy assisting. Stephen has trained for and completed multiple half iron mans, a Full Ironman, Marathons, half marathons, sprint triathlons, 10 and 5 K races and is CrossFit Endurance Certified. Stephen has studied the Pose Method and has a lot of knowledge to help his fellow athletes become better runners.

Ready to make running, easier? Want to train LESS for races? We’ll break down your form and help you meet new goals at ALL levels. We really want to emphasize that this workshop is for EVERYONE, from the ironman to the guy or gal who struggles with 200 meters.

Fitness & Performance


Bench Press

5 x 5,Climbing

*After each set complete 10-15 Abmat or GHD Sit Ups


EMOM x 16

Odd- 200m Run or Row

Even- 10 Push Ups

Rx+ = 5-10 HSPU