Friday, June 27, 2014

Fitness Performance
A. A.
Front Squat Front Squat
7 x 5, across 7 x 5, across
-rest 2 Min btw sets -rest 2 Min btw sets
B. B.
3 RFT of: (16 Min Cap) 4 RFT of: (16 Min Cap)
400m Run 400m Run
8 Ring Rows 8 Pull Ups
8 Push Ups 8 Push Ups
:60 DU attempts 40 DU’s or :60
Rx+ =
4 RFT of:
400m Run, 4 MU’s (Rings), 40 DU’s
Extra Work:
3 x 20 Close-Grip Bench Press
-At least 1 finger should be on smooth part of the bar


*Extra Work is for athletes that want to compete in the sport of CrossFit. Remember, as with the daily WODs it is also scaleable. If you have questions regarding the extra work please ask a Coach for guidance.


What is the NPFL?
Written by Victor Kozlowski

The National Pro Fitness League (NPFL): What the heck is it?

Exactly what it sounds like. The National Pro Fitness League is the world’s first professional spectator sport with co-ed teams competing in human performance races. Think functional movements, performed like an olympic sprint relay, in the middle of an arena, gladiator style. Fast paced, team strategic and demographically diverse.


The Match

Each match will consist of 11 unique separate races; the races include, but are not limited to, weight ladders, female duos and triples, male duos and triples, male and female combo, four athletes of each gender, etc, all in a tag-in, tag-out style relay race. The movements vary as you progress up “The Grid” from start line to finish line. The winner receives 2 points and completion of the race will earn you 1 point. The races are typically between 5-7 minutes in length, so that completion point, even if you’ve lost the race, can be vital towards your total score. Videos of combine matches in Las Vegas can be seen on the Official NPFL Website. This inaugural condensed season will last two months and have each team compete in three matches. The championship match will be televised to a worldwide audience.


The Teams

In its Inaugural season, the NPFL will start with eight teams; three teams from the West and five teams from the East. Starting with teams in these popular and developed cities will determine the league’s success and further thoughts of expansion.

  • Los Angeles Reign
  • Phoenix Rise
  • San Francisco Fire
  • Boston Iron
  • Philadelphia Founders
  • DC Brawlers
  • New York Rhinos
  • Miami Surge

Each team will have 20 athletes; ten men and ten women. Four of these 20 athletes (two men and two women) will be reserves/inactive during the season. Of the remaining 16 athletes, coaches will decide ten players to ‘dress’ for that week’s match. Therefore, each team will have five men and five women active for that week’s match. The kicker – one male and one female for that week’s active roster must be a Masters athlete (40+ years of age.) Talk about diversity, co-ed AND a mix of age! This bringing strategy to a whole new level, and expanding the fan base exponentially.

What type of athletes?

There are no specific requirements; you just be a total athletic specimen and a team player. To be at the peak of human performance requires equal parts strength and stamina with power and balance. Possessing impressive capabilities in ALL physical domains. Currently, CrossFitters who preach a broad general and inclusive fitness meet that bill. However, it wont be long until NCAA football players, weightlifters and even Dennis Rodman find their way onto an NPFL team.

As Josh Prosker, co-owner of the Boston Iron team puts it, “I’m looking for threes types of athletes. [The first is] ‘The Workhorse” – someone who can do it all. Equal parts strength and skill, multi-tasking and can grind through any workout (think Spencer Hendel). [The second type is] ‘The Sprinter” – an athlete that will crush any movement or workout lasting under 30 seconds (think Dany Nichols). [Lastly, I’m looking for] “The Gymnast” – an athlete that can perform the unusual movements like free standing handstand pushups and muscle ups efficiently.”


Picking Athletes

Each team can sign eight players (four men and four women, Masters included) before the NPFL draft. The remaining 12 roster sports are filled through the draft, giving equal opportunity to earn your place and get signed by one of the eight teams. It is like any other draft in professional sports; athletes took place and showcased their athleticism at two combines in hopes of being drafted July 10th in Miami. Most of the eight players that the teams are signing pre-draft could be considered the studs of the CrossFit world. Will this create a rift and how will this affect their CrossFit training?

“They won’t have to pick and choose. The NPFL and CrossFit relate to each other. We want them to do both; the NPFL won’t beat you down physically and mess up your training. We give more athletes a chance to get paid.” – Josh Prosker

In the sport of CrossFit, Games athletes receive prize money for placing on the podium. The NPFL, like all professional sports leagues, offer paying contracts to all of it’s members.