Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Mental Checklist to go through before every WOD:

What is my current one rep max for this movement?

How many total reps of this movement will I likely have to perform over the entire course of this WOD?

How did I perform the last time this movement was programmed in a WOD?

Can I maintain good form for all the prescribed reps at RX weight or standard?

Am I able to perform full range of motion for this particular movement?

Do I have any flexibility issues that will put me at a higher risk for injuries for this movement?

Do I have any nagging pains or injuries I should take it easy on? 

How has my sleep, stress, nutrition, and hyrdration been today and the last few days?

Fitness & Performance


4 Minutes at Each Station

Row (Calories)

Rest 1 Min

G2OH 135/95

Rest 1 Min



Partner Leg Throws x 50

Upcoming Events:

June 28th- Endurance Workshop (free to members) Sign up in MindBody

July 12th- AM vs PM Throwdown Sign up on the front white board with your t shirt size

Deadline to sign up for the AM vs PM Throwdown and receive a T-shirt is this Friday

July 19th- Field Trip to The Compound (Donnie Thompson)

July 25th & 26th- Greenville Games