Brandon Simpson – CCFT

Brandon is the General Manager and Head Coach of Swamp Rabbit CrossFit and has been coaching CrossFit since 2009. He’s always ready with a dad joke and a cue to help you laugh your way to the best shape of your life!

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Kara Petruzzelli, RD – CF-L1 & Nutrition

I found CrossFit in 2014 and it changed my life forever. I started CrossFit as a means of losing weight, but the more I did it, the more I become concerned about the weight on the barbell than the weight on the scale. When I first started CrossFit I was also riding horses competitively. I […]

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Garrett Bastianelli – CF-L2 Trainer

I am originally from Greenville SC. I moved away in 2008 and headed down to Columbia SC for what I thought was going to be a successful attempt at college. Shortly after leaving home, I realized college life wasn’t for me. So without talking to anyone in my family about it first, I dropped out […]

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Alana Gamundoy – CF-L2 Trainer

I found CrossFit back home on Oahu in 2012. I had always been active when I was younger and throughout high school, and as I got older I decided I needed to find something to keep me active again. A friend of mine introduced me to his friend who trained out of his garage at […]

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Shannon Kolb – CF-L1 Trainer

I found CrossFit on a whim in January of 2019. I grew up highly uncoordinated with absolutely no reflexes, so sports were never my thing. I rode horses my entire life, but anything with a ball was out of the question. That being said, I never really learned how to work out until I was […]

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Jessica Clohessy – CF-L2 Trainer

Jessica discovered Crossfit in 2008 and became a Certified Crossfit Coach in 2011. After discovering her own practice of yoga, she completed her 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher certification, and now coaches at SRCF and runs Soul Yoga next door.

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Tatsiana Toustsik – CCFT (CF-L3)

I am originally from Eastern Europe where I was a competitive gymnast as a kid. Finding CrossFit in 2012 brought back the love for exercising I once had and introduced me to the amazing CrossFit community that I love even more. I will never forget my very first workout: it was less than 10 minutes […]

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Emily Campbell – Rabbit Success Manager

I grew up playing team sports and have found the same camaraderie and team mindset in the community at SRCF! It’s awesome being part of a fitness family that challenges me to push myself. I found CrossFit through Bring A Friend Week in 2020 at Swamp Rabbit CrossFit and decided to stick around because I […]

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