Swamp Rabbit CrossFit


We are always looking to add Professional Coaches to our awesome team of world class providers. The highest priority for us when adding a new team member is that they align with our mission, vision, and values. Our mission is to inspire our community to take responsibility for their health and fitness. 

We do that through:

Basic Requirements:

Our ideal candidate is humble, hard-working, loves people, and wants to support a strong team. Knowledge and experience is a plus, but not necessarily a determining factor. We would rather hear stories of client impact than see lists of certifications.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Lead up to 10 Group Sessions per week.
  • Conduct 1-on-1 personal training sessions for new and existing members for up to 20 sessions per week.
  • Manage Individual Design and/or Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaching for up to 20 clients per month.
  • Attend and actively participate in regularly scheduled meetings and development sessions.
  • Never ending pursuit of coaching excellence through continued education, development sessions, and 1-on-1 coaching evaluations.

Additional Expectations:

  • Your role as a Coach is a full focus priority
  • You adhere to SRCF core values (listed above) in and outside of the gym, including your presence on social media.
  • Push the gym, our team, and our clients towards excellence each day.
  • Cover additional sessions when needed.
  • Fulfill all pre/post session duties.
  • Be on the floor and engaged with members at least 10 minutes before and after every group session.
  • Be fully prepared with a lesson plan and timeline prior to each session.
  • Always welcome unfamiliar faces into the space and help them with booking consults, dropping in, or purchasing retail.
To Apply:

Please answer the following prompts:


  • Income Potential: $60,000+ per year
  • Active Life Professional Education: Access to the AL-P curriculum and certification through SRCF.
  • Retail Discount: Apparel, Supplements, and Refreshments at a reduced rate.
  • Personal Training/Nutrition: Receive individual services in house at cost.

Provide a cover letter sharing an example of how you have had a meaningful impact on a client, what your core values are and why you’ve chosen them, and what it means to you to inspire others to take responsibility for their health and fitness.

Provide a resume of your relevant work experience.

Please email all of these in .pdf format to [email protected]