Top Supplements for the Open

The Top Supplements For The CrossFit Open Knowing what supplements to take for the upcoming CrossFit Open can leave you feeling as dazed and confused as the first time you completed Fran. But don’t worry, this list will take out all the guesswork and direct you to the exact package we curated just for you! […]

What gets you to change? Pt. 2

What gets you to change? In the first article, “Do you care enough to change?” I introduced The Change Formula, which we’ll review in a moment, and unpacked the first two variables. Vision, which must be personal and believable TO YOU. Dissatisfaction, which must be personal and strong enough to move you from the status […]

What is Fitness?

Fitness is a word you see everywhere. From the military’s physical fitness test to evaluations at work for health insurance, it’s a constant topic of concern. But what is it really? Fuzzy terms lead to fuzzy thinking, planning, and assessment. Let’s see if we can’t get at what it really is. At it’s simplest level, […]

What are Macronutrients? Should I eat them?

Everything below this paragraph is a little on the advanced side for most day-to-day CrossFitters. You can get a lot of mileage from the original CrossFit prescription of eating meat, veggies, fruit, nuts, seeds, and limiting your sugar without doing any math. But if you have day dreams about spreadsheets and you just LOVE tracking […]

Do you care enough to change?

Do you care enough to change? One of our core values at SRCF is Conscious Leadership. The book, 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership, establishes… you guessed it… 15 Commitments for Conscious Leaders. There are important things like taking 100% of your responsibility for everything in your life. Growing in self-awareness and learning to shift your […]

Some ideas on Carb-Timing for CrossFitters

Last nutrition blog we talked about some very general basic nutritional guidelines for the average newbie who is looking to lose a little weight and feel better throughout the day.  If you aren’t doing the basics, refer back and get on board. The biggest mistake a lot of athletes make in the intermediate stage is […]

SEMM – You gotta EAT!

We’ve been addressing the SEMM prescription for training recently in the gym. That stands for Sleep, Eat, Move, and Manage. You can refer back to the article on sleep for some basics on what you need to recover optimally. Today we’ll start a series of posts on Eating because let’s face it. You gotta EAT! […]

Better Training Through Breathing

Originally posted: 8/17/16 by Mark Stone Note: Breathing is essential to life! It’s also a trainable skill that will improve your training if you pay attention. Mark is a professor at Furman and a former member of SRCF. – B Many times we may be doing simple repetitive tasks and realize that our minds are […]