Gratitude helps your Attitude.

Originally Published: 12/15/17 by Brandon Note: Digging back through old content I found this gem, gym, jim? It helped me out, so I hope you’ll enjoy it and get a little shift too. -B My beautiful four-year-old daughter came from the factory full of glitter and laughter, but she is 4. Sometimes she gets pretty […]

SEMM – Go To Sleep

SEMM – Sleep! In the introduction to this series, we talked about how the Four Pillars of Health hold us up and help us to live better lives. This time, I want to talk with you about sleep and why it’s so important. Basically, the TL;DR answer is if you don’t sleep, you’ll recover poorly, […]

Just Add Courage

Community Care is one of our six core values at Swamp Rabbit CrossFit. It means a lot of things to us. We care about and for the community that mixes it up inside the box. We care about the friends, families, and other people with whom you live life. We care about the neighborhood we […]

Tornadoes and Happiness

“I’m just happy to be here!”   It’s getting ready to be wild weather season in the States. As hot and cold fronts clash across the US, hurricanes and tornadoes will be turning things upside down. Landscapes will be jumbled, news interviews will be mumbled, and some parts of our nation will be crumbled. (I […]

The Four Pillars of Health (SEMM)

The Four Pillars of Health and SEMM Prescriptions Health has never been a bigger issue in the forefront of more minds than it is right now. We’re all paying close attention to risk factors and trying to take action on anything that will increase resiliency. You might be thinking about your health insurance, but that […]

Pay Attention to Your Pain

Are you in pain when you work out?   Pain is weakness leaving the body… right?!?   As a 22+ year veteran of the iron game (that’s the cool way to say working out), I used to think so. I’m denser than most, so it only took me about 18 years to figure out that […]

Starting CrossFit in 2008

Why I started CrossFit waaay back in 2008.   I started working out at 14 years old. I had no idea what I was doing, but I’d make a circuit of the machines, try to do a pull up, and run a mile on a treadmill a few times a week. Then weightlifting classes in […]