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Better Training Through Breathing – Mark Stone

Many times we may be doing simple repetitive tasks and realize that our minds are somewhere else. If this is washing the dishes, maybe no harm done. But if it’s cutting vegetables with a sharp knife or doing deadlifts at the gym, our mental inattentiveness may have serious consequences—a cut finger or a strained back. […]

Simplifying Nutrition – Coach Brandon

Nutrition is the bogeyman to most athletes. You know he’s always looking when you’re not. He’s messing with stuff that you just put down and now you can’t find it. He’s hiding under the bed to wake you up as you just start to drift off to sleep. You know he’s always waiting for you, […]

Listen to your body – Coach Megan

This is one of those phrases you hear a hundred times but don’t understand until, one day, you finally learn to listen. This is a picture of myself that I’m not proud of. I’m sharing it because I’m learning, all the time, how to be a better athlete and how to tend to my body. […]

Make the Most of Your Stretching – Lauren Williams

Is your warm up your 5:00am wake up? Is it your “I’m finally done with work!” social time? Do you use it to make a checklist for the rest of the day? It’s probably a little bit of all of that, and that’s fine! Just try to make sure that it’s priming your body for […]

To Bench or Not To Bench – Coach Megan

  Should CrossFitters Bench Press? Before Crossfit I kept to the “safe” side of the gym. I read Cosmo on the treadmill; I breezed through the circuit of padded lifting machines. Through an open door I could peek into the free weight room while I did my crunches on an exercise ball. In there the […]

Training Big Cats – Coach Ben

The Big Cat is the first in this series of “Taming Your Spirit Animal.” We’re going to examine strengths, weaknesses, and the many different species that make up the Big Cat family. From Lions to Leopards we’ll dive into the similarities and subtle differences. Let’s begin with a short recap of the Big Cat. The […]

Dealing with Failure – Karina

In February 2016 I took my Level 1 CrossFit certification exam… and failed. Then I cried, and then I cried again. I couldn’t even look at the notification without tearing up a little bit. To see why that mattered so much to me, I need to go back a little bit and fill you in. […]

Remembering Memorial Day – Coach Jake

 “Our debt to the heroic men and valiant women in the service of our country can never be repaid. They have earned our undying gratitude. America will never forget their sacrifices.” – President Harry S. Truman   Memorial Day is often viewed as the start of summer – that first long weekend with nice warm […]