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What is Fitness?

Fitness is a word you see everywhere. From the military’s physical fitness test to evaluations at work for health insurance, it’s a constant topic of concern. But what is it really? Fuzzy terms lead to fuzzy thinking, planning, and assessment. Let’s see if we can’t get at what it really is. At it’s simplest level, […]

Find Your Spirit Animal – Coach Ben

Have you ever felt like you identified closely with a particular animal? Do you embody certain characteristics of your favorite animal when you exercise? Are you as fast as a cheetah or as strong as a bull? Your spirit animal may be speaking to you. Based on our genetic makeup, we are born predisposed to […]

How CrossFit found me – Coach Megan

My journey to CrossFit started in August of 2013. My boss forced me, yes, forced me, to take a week off from work. I managed an organic farm and by the time August rolled in I was not a pleasure to be around. I was stressed, exhausted and bitter. He suggested that I find something, […]

Mental Strength

When thinking about your workout, you usually gauge strength in terms of how much weight you’re moving, right?  That’s going to tell me how “strong” I am…well, yes and no.  There are multiple facets of strength that we train on a daily basis and the physical aspect might be the smallest part of it all. WHAT IS […]

Don’t Tweak Your Back!

If you’ve ever tweaked your lower back training, you know how bad it sucks to be sidelined for a typically preventable injury. Over the thousands of hours I’ve spent coaching lifters, there is one big issue that results in most of those tweaks. We all love to talk about form or technique, but it’s even […]

CrossFit Coach Blog

Welcome to the CrossFit Coach Blog!

Welcome to the Swamp Rabbit CrossFit coach blog! Do you remember the speech Jake gave in class that sent chills up your spine and inspired you to smash a PR at 5:30 in the morning? Did Ben give you a little technical cue that made all the difference in one of your CrossFit skills? Don’t […]