CrossFit does a body good.

Over the past several years I had gotten comfy, you know, happy, settled, eat what ya want comfy and not worry about it until I have to buy new clothes and then stress and decide to start a diet. Try it for a month or two and fall off the wagon and then I am right back where I started, again. After my little one was born 6 years ago I never got back to where I wanted to be, I tried diet after diet. All the fads; Atkins, low fat, prescription diet pills, HCG shots with B12 injections. I lost a few pounds and it came right back. Serial yoyo dieter. I never tried exercise. I bought a few gym memberships but never used them. It was boring and not challenging. I just could not get into going to the gym to walk on the treadmill for hours and was not educated enough to use the machines.

We take the kids on a ski trip for Christmas every year. I love to ski, but the last two years were very tough, I was so out of shape and so heavy that my knees hurt and I just did not enjoy it. I was scared of hurting myself because my body was not use to the exercise. When we came home I took notice of a friend’s Facebook and Instagram. He was always posting pictures of Paleo food and his clients in his gym working hard and I contacted him and scheduled a time to go visit. Wow, I knew I was out of shape but never knew how bad it really was until I was in the gym that day and I did an evaluation workout. It was not just bad it was terrible, I could not even do a situp, much less a pushup! I came home and mentally committed to changing my life. I woke the next day and I have never been more sore in my entire life. My legs hurt so bad I could not climb the stairs in my house. I went back, I started with one on one training because there was just no way I could keep up in class, I was pretty pathetic. I went 3 times a week to start and it kept getting harder. On my off days I would walk to try to work out the soreness. After a few weeks of one on one classes, I did it, a true CrossFit class. If I remember correctly it was Karen (severely modified) but this workout began my hate for wall balls. The weight started coming off, a few pounds a week, I could feel my body changing, a little at a time, running was a struggle and still is for me, I dread it, I use to skip workouts that had running. With Jake’s encouragement I do my best to embrace running now (I still moan and groan about it, my version of embrace).

I found Swamp Rabbit CrossFit 2 months in, since joining in March I have never looked back. I come 5 times a week most every week. I can do things today that I never imagined I would be able to do 10 months ago. I have worked hard for 10 months and I continue to work hard because I have goals I want to achieve. Every month I set a small goal for myself and try hard to reach it whether it is a skinnier band on pull ups or to string together a few toes to bar. The accomplishment is a great feeling. I love it. I love the competitiveness. I love the sense of community. I love the push and I love who CrossFit is making me.
My whole thought process about losing weight and being healthy has changed. I have finally realized that the weight does not come off overnight. I recently hit my goal of 45 lbs lost. I think I have raised the bar and want to lose 10 more, we will see what happens.

I am actually pretty happy with my success at this point but most important was realizing that the weight comes off with good hard work, there is no magical wrap, pill or potion, just sweat, consistency, dedication and eating clean and it has made a world of difference in my life.

Chrissy Ouellette