firebreather holiday

Holiday Edition

Full schedules, travel, holiday parties and celebrations don’t have to blow up your next few months! Use the next 2 Firebreather challenges to keep you on track through the Holiday Season!

Start Date: Monday Nov 16-Dec 13 (2nd Edition Dec 14-Jan 10)

The Rules:

  1. Attend at least 5 scheduled WODs per week for 4 weeks. If you plan to miss a class due to holiday travel, you can still be in the running by doing one of the following as many times as needed.
  2. You cannot participate in multiple classes per day to accumulate WODs. Specialty classes will count towards Firebreather.
  3. Sign in with class time each day.
  4. Complete a weekly Food Log in Wodify and abide by the food challenge rules in order to earn Stars. The week’s food log must be complete by the following Monday at Noon. In order to complete this Firebreather challenge you must finish the month with at least 100 stars.

A minimum of 100 stars and 20 Wods over the course of 4 weeks will Win you a Special Edition long sleeve Firebreather shirt and $25 account credit towards merchandise!

How to get your 100 stars (out of a possible 112 stars):

Using your Wodify Account go to settings, my profile, choose nutrition coach to be Karina Juca.  Choose Nutrition Journal, Food and then log all food for the day. You can earn up to 4 stars per day for a clean food log.

A clean food log means that all meals are filled in for the day and you did not consume any “cheat” foods or beverages. Foods that are allowed fall into the following categories: Protein (Lean Meat, Eggs, Fish, Birds, Whey/Casein Protein, Plain Greek Yogurt, Beans), Healthy Carbohydrates (Vegetables, Fruit, Rice, Quinoa, Starches like white potatoes and corn although these are best left around a workout), and Healthy Fats (Avocado, Olive, Coconut, Nuts, Seeds, Nut Butters, Bacon all in moderation). If you have questions about foods not listed, email [email protected]

This is not a weight loss challenge. Winners will not be chosen based on pounds or percentage of body weight lost.

How do I lose stars? 

The following will cost one star per cheat. You can earn anywhere from 0-4 stars per day.

  • An empty space in your log will cost you 1 star. Please, fill in all 7 blocks, even if you do not eat during that time window. Simply record “no meal” or “no snack”. Please do not submit entries like, “too bad to report” or “cheated”, because we want this to be a useful exercise in sustainable healthy eating, not assigning food guilt. Record everything.
  • Consuming 1 serving of a “cheat” food costs 1 star. Cheat foods fall into the following categories: Alcohol (Beer, Wine, Liquor, Rubbing alcohol and Gatorade Cocktails), Gluten containing Grains (Think “BROWS”, Barley, Rye, Oats, Wheat, Spelt), Refined/Processed Sugar (Baked Goods, Ice Cream, Candy, Snack Cakes, Soft Drinks, coconut sugar, agave, stevia, etc.) If you have questions about what is not allowed, please email [email protected]
  • To be clear, 1 serving of a “cheat” food costs 1 star, 2 servings cost 2 stars, 3 servings cost 3 stars, and 4 servings cost 4 stars.
  • The goal is to stay away from certain foods that our bodies are addicted to. Not replace them.
  • There will be surprise opportunities to win back stars over the course of the  month.. Stay connected.


If you do cheat, don’t beat yourself up.  Jump back on the wagon and keep earning stars!

To set up your Food Log in Wodify. Log in. GO to Settings, My Profile

food log 6

Select Karina Juca as your Nutrition Coach.

food log 3

Click Nutrition Journal in Menu.

foof log

Select “Food” at top middle and enter all food. Fill all Spaces.

food log 2

Request Review under the Stats tab.

food log 5

It will say “awaiting review” under the date. 
food log 4