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The next step will be jumping into the SRCF Fundamentals Course, a personal training program that is tailored directly to your needs. You will learn a wide variety of movements/exercises, strategies for mobility/stability, tips for nutrition, and generally how to take care of your body and mind.

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Liz-Delaney I have been practicing yoga since 1995.  Over the years, my yoga practice evolved from a physical one to a moving meditation. Over the last two years I have had many life changes and I found I needed mostly quiet, gentle yoga practices and even more meditation than movement.  After my 40th birthday, I noticed my body changing and I started craving more physical movement.  I didn’t want to change my yoga practices to be more of a “workout,” but I wasn’t sure what to do.  On a whim, my kids asked to try CrossFit one Sunday and I said I would go with them.  The class completely knocked me out, but I knew I wanted to learn more.  In just one class, Ben helped me with my shoulder and neck.  It was pain free following that first class.  Knowing a ton of anatomy, I was nervous about doing more and was offered the free private lesson with Brandon.  I discovered another anatomy geek that helped me learn to use my body in a whole new way.

After finishing the fundamentals course, I went right into classes and it felt humbling, but great.  My body started to feel strong again in class, in every day movements and even in my yoga practice.  My daily sun salutations are stronger.  My alignment in the poses is healthier as I am not resting in my joints and can access specific musculature in each pose.  As far as flexibility goes, CrossFit has allowed me to feel like a beginner at yoga again.  Even the most basic poses feel completely different after a CrossFit class.  I have found I crave my yoga practices even more following training days.  Both practices balance each other out and allow me to feel more at home in this body than I have in a few years.

The teachers at Swamp Rabbit know so much about body awareness and safe alignment. I can’t imagine going anywhere else.  All of the teachers have made me (a complete novice and non-pusher) feel completely comfortable.  The community of students have also been amazing.  Each class someone new would introduce him or herself.  One particularly challenging day I was struggling to finish a round of weight lifting.  Three women were finished and came over to cheer me on.  That is one of those moments that hooked me into this place.  Finding a place where I feel like I belong outside of the yoga studio has been a gift.  Thank you to all of the teachers and students for inspiring me to keep coming back, to challenge myself by learning something completely outside of my “wheelhouse,” and for giving me back an inspired yoga practice each day.Be well,
Liz, Owner Greenville Yoga

Sara_Montero“The coaching and training that I’ve received from Brandon has been invaluable to my progress as an athlete.  Not only have I seen obvious results with regards to strength, but I have also gained a lot in terms of knowledge of proper form and nutrition.Brandon has the qualities that I value in a coach—he is thoroughly knowledgeable, patient, considerate, and effective at instructing.  He values your concerns, and takes the time to educate you on how to be most effective.

I cannot stress enough how educated Brandon is on all things fitness and nutrition, and how beneficial that is for me personally. At a time when one can find immediate answers to almost anything on Google or YouTube, it is still priceless to have access to an actual human who can accurately answer specific questions, and apply the knowledge he has gained through studying and experience to you personally.”

– Sara M.

Kristen_MosleyBen has been my coach ever since he started working at SRCF. When we started working together, I was coming off of a knee injury which I had been rehabbing for the better portion of a year, and was nervous  and hesitant about jumping back into group classes and potentially overdoing it with my knee. I needed a coach that understood my goals as well as my limitations due to my injury, and who was able to work around that to provide personalized workouts, strength training programs, and auxiliary skill work that would help me achieve those goals without re-injuring myself in the process. Ben has been that coach for me.After just five months of working with Ben I have surpassed my pre-injury PRs on multiple lifts and have seen my personal performance improve in my workouts as well. I am now focusing on weaknesses instead of ignoring them, and even though it can be frustrating at times, Ben is always there providing encouragement, motivation, and support. He is always pushing the people in his classes to achieve more than what they thought they were capable of, but without sacrificing form or technique.  I feel very fortunate to have him as a coach and friend.

– Kristen M.

“My time at SRC thus far has been great. I am noticing a real change in my health and fitness. Being a part of a new sport/gym/network is a huge part of it. When I work out alone, I tend to make a lot of excuses for not going to the gym, not working out hard enough, etc. However, the family atmosphere at SRC gives me goals and competition, and it also holds me accountable for coming in every day and working hard.  Specifically, Megan’s training during Fundamentals gave me a really great base for entering the sport/lifestyle of CrossFit. Like many other people, CrossFit to me was a daunting endeavor that I was not completely sure I would like. It seems intimidating from the outside, and jumping in was the hardest part, but Megan’s guidance and knowledge made it completely comfortable and beneficial.

One of my favorite parts of SRC and CrossFit is the neighborly feel when I come in to the gym. They are friendly and welcoming, but once the workout starts, they are competitive and uplifting, giving everyone the same attention no matter their skill level. ”
– Corbin L.

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Recording an episode of the disruptivecast with Games Athlete Emily Bridgers

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