You Have Questions

We Have Answers

Q: What is CrossFit?

A: Our goal is to build as broad of a fitness base as possible. We do so by moving heavy objects (barbells, kettlebells, people, etc) over long distances as quickly as we can. Our expert coaches can modify or scale the program to fit anyone at any current ability or fitness level. You may have seen the CF Games on tv and thought, there’s no way that I can do what they do! The reality is that not very many people can! We all train for different reasons, but have found that CrossFit is the best way to meet our goals. Most people are not trying to compete at the CF Games, rather they enjoy being stronger and fitter than they have ever been. We prescribe a variety of workouts that are fresh, constantly varied, and fun. The competitive atmosphere lends itself to high intensity, which is one of the secrets to seeing results. Each day is a lot like a sports team practice where you have a coach who will warm up the team, teach skills, and lead practice.

Q: I want to check you out. Can I just stop by?

A: Absolutely, come by any time! Our front desk staff would love to give you a tour and tell you more about our coaches, training, and facility! We really love to meet potential members face-to-face, but you can also call or email us anytime.

Q: How do I see if CrossFit is for me?

A: Schedule your free 1-on-1 fitness consultation to learn more about the methods we use to produce world class fitness in people from all walks of life!

Q: I’m from another affiliate out of town. Do you have a drop-in policy?

A: Yes! If you are visiting from another CF affiliate we have a $20 drop-in fee or  you can buy a t-shirt for $30 and your class is on us! Join us for any class on the schedule or use Open Gym time to do your own programming. Open Gym is available during all hours of operation, as we have multiple rooms available for your use.

Q: After I become a member, can I come workout whenever I want?

A: Yes! You can come to any class time or use open gym hours. Once you qualify for open gym hours by completing the Fundamentals Course, you are welcome to workout whenever you like. Scheduled classes always take priority in a space, it’s just too distracting for the class to use the same room. That’s why we have lots of space for you to use! Just bring what you need to the Black Room or set up in The Garage Gym during all hours of operation. Check out our schedule for a complete list of classes.

Q: How far are you from Downtown Greenville?

A: We are located 0.7 miles west of Broad and Main.

Q: Do you have showers?

A: We have six top of the line and amazingly clean showers available to our athletes.  We also offer a free towel service! We have wash cloths, bath mats, towels, and our showers are stocked with shampoo and body wash.

Q: What is the Swamp Rabbit Trail?

A: The Greenville Hospital System, in conjunction with city and county government, built a 17.5 mile walking, running, and biking trail that runs along the Reedy River connecting Travelers Rest and the City of Greenville. Our building is eighteen feet away from it. Yea, we think its pretty awesome!

Q: What is the parking situation at your facility?

A: We have plenty of parking immediately outside the facility.

Q: If I ride my bike on the trail to SRCF, can I bring it in so nothing happens to it?

A: Absolutely! Walk it right inside and the front desk staff will watch it for you.

Q: I still have more questions. How do I contact you?

A: Don’t worry we have more answers.  Shoot us an email: or call the gym at 864.438.1450.