CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program compiled by Greg Glassman.  ”Coach” (as many CrossFitters refer to him) was a former gymnast turned trainer.  In the image-obsessed 80′s (think Arnold and Stallone), Glassman designed his strength and conditioning program based on functionality and performance rather than aesthetics and looks.  Glassman’s idea was to utilize the best movements from various sports and athletics and throw out the rest of it.  If a movement or workout proved to be functional (aka it mimicked a movement you would use in  life or sport) it stayed.  If it didn’t, well, you get the picture.  What we ended up with was CrossFit.

One unique aspect of CrossFit is the idea that the needs of regular people and athletes differs by degree (speed, weight, intensity) not kind.  Functional movements (like Squats, Deadlifts, Pull-ups, etc.) got the best results no matter the person.  So long as you perform varied functional movements with the highest intensity possible, you’re doing CrossFit.  It doesn’t take anything fancy or any special secret.  From shoveling snow or moving furniture to Clean and Jerks or Deadlifting, if you’re doing it as fast and hard as you can, you’re doing CrossFit.

CrossFit has been called “The Sport of Fitness” not only because it introduces personal achievement in the form of points and times.  As Glassman realized, “people will die for more points.”    By adding a scoring component, people would push harder than they thought possible in order to “win.”  It just so happens that “winning” also involved better fitness.  The sport aspect of CrossFit allows people to train with CrossFit for years and still continually see new personal records each workout.  It’s hard, challenging, fun and will absolutely push you to be the best you can possibly be.

CrossFit’s specialty is not specializing.  Our workouts are broad, general and inclusive by design.  The workouts elicit an incredible response from your body by taxing it to it’s limits.  We like to think that these workouts FORCE your body to adapt to them.  That way you really have no say in the matter.  With constantly varied, full body, functional, multi-joint movements, our workouts will provide the greatest results you can imagine.

Why should you do CrossFit?  Because it works.  Period.  Read this article written by Coach Glassman.  Once you’ve finished it you’ve open pandora’s box.  Once your workouts seem lacking or inefficient; give us a call and we’ll get you CrossFit.

-Courtesy of Andrew Killion at District CrossFit