COVID-19 Update

We are open for CrossFit and Personal Training, but due to current guidelines our class sizes are limited.

For current members, please reserve your space in Wodify or contact a coach for personal training options.

If you are interested to get started with us, book a No Sweat Intro today! We are bringing in new members in a first come, first served basis until the current guidelines for fitness facilities are lifted.

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We’re here to see you succeed! Book a No Sweat Intro call with one of our pro coaches to get started on your fitness journey.

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We give you the roadmap that leads to achieving your unique goals. All you have to do is follow it!

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There’s never been a more important time!

There has never been a more important time to connect with your tribe and take care of your health and fitness. We’re here for you and want you to thrive. If you’re new, sign up for a free No Sweat Intro to see how you can make some new friends and get the motivation and encouragement you need to get in shape!

Swamp Rabbit CrossFit is more than just a gym. We are in the business of coaching our community to get real results. We are committed to constantly improving our athlete’s lives. We help them set goals and achieve them. We celebrate those achievements together.

When you connect with Swamp Rabbit CrossFit, you’ll grow as an athlete and person as our coaches and community teach, motivate, and inspire you to new heights.  If you’re ready to work hard, have fun, and grow – we’re here for YOU!

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I'd love a No Sweat Intro!
  • I always leave feeling great!

    The coaches will take the time to help you and they’re great about finding a scaled version of you can’t do something. I love how many options they give you and will still make the workout challenging.

    Meghan H.

  • I love the community.

    Everyone here supports each other and cheers each other on. If someone’s having a hard time with a lift or finishing a workout, people will congregate around and cheer them on until they finish.

    Lindsey H.

  • The coaches are fantastic

    I love how the coaches keep everyone on track and ensure that movements are done the right way avoiding injuries.

    Margret J.

  • Fantastic coaching, great community

    There are several things I love about CrossFit/SRCF, like the fantastic coaching, great community, and constantly varied nature of the workouts which keeps things exciting.

    Pete B.

  • The Atmosphere is Perfect for Me

    I decided to join Swamp Rabbit Crossfit because as soon as I went to the gym for the first time, I could immediately tell that the atmosphere there is perfect for me. All of the coaches welcomed me in with support and encouragement. Being part of a community of people that are pursuing a happier, healthier life is a great perk of being a member here at SRCF.

    Dillon G.

  • Surprised at How Fast the Results Come

    When I started Crossfit I hadn't done a pull up in probably 15 yrs, and even though I had an active lifestyle I couldn't even do 1 pullup without a band assist. I never did any Olympic lifting of any sort. Four years later I can do most wods as they are prescribed and fluent in squats, cleans, dead lifts, and snatches.

    Brad F.

  • The most badass gym, arguably in the country.

    I have noticed is that as I approach 40, my non-crossfit friends are getting super sloppy-whereas I am maintaining. My worst fear in life is to say, “nah, son. I can’t go hiking today. I’m sloppy and can’t walk a mile”. Ughh

    Jake H.

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