Class Duration: 40-60 Minutes

Part I Dynamic Warm-Up

The warm up generally consists of low intensity plyometric movements, functional mobility work, and varying forms of aerobic actions.

Examples: PVC bar movements, agility ladder, hurdle drills, toe touches, jump rope

Part II Skill Development

Development work is directed to improve technique, develop strength, practice Olympic complex movements, or develop a specific skill.

Examples: Olympic clean, practice and score your vertical jump, row 500 meters

Part III Workout of the Day (WOD) 5-40min

Single, double, or triple element series which can be related or unrelated. Workouts are constantly varied and are rarely repeated.

Examples: Varied

Part IV Body Care Program & Stretching

Maintenance and manage high stress or neglected areas of the body while also increasing overall flexibility.

Examples: Yoga, shoulder strengthening, wrist flexibility, abdominal work