Training Center

Swamp Rabbit CrossFit is one of the largest CrossFit Affiliate Gyms in the world with more than 28,000 square feet – 16,000 indoor and 12,000 outdoor! Our training center is outfitted and designed to provide every athlete with the ability to fulfill his or her maximum fitness potential. Adjacent to the building is our multi-purpose training field, so expect to get some sun if the weather is right! Lining the rear of the training facility is the Swamp Rabbit Trail. It extends 17.5 miles. We also have plenty of convenient parking.

Indoors, the space is divided into a warm-up room and a workout room (more than 7,500 square feet each). Our training facility is exclusively outfitted with Rogue Fitness equipment. At the heart of our workout room, you will find a 44-foot long infinity rig, as featured in the CrossFit Games. This apparatus, totaling 10 lifting stations, provides the ideal platform for exercise instruction and safety. Safety was a paramount concern in the design of SRC. Next door in the warm-up room, we have 750 square feet of padded gymnastics flooring.

Athlete Accommodations

Private Parking Area

Private Restroom and Shower Facilities

Personalized SRC Fitness Tracking Log

Advanced Water Filtration System (showers, sinks, and water fountains)

Premier Audio System

Video Projector

Fitness Library

Medical Grade Body Composition Analysis

Much more…

Training Equipment Highlights

44′ Infinity Rig (expanding to 64′ ASAP)

36 Rogue Weightlifting Bars (12 each @ 45lbs/35 lbs/15 lbs)

10 15′ Vertical climbing ropes

10 Sets of Wooden Gymnastic Rings (5 male/5 female)

10 Black Concept2 Rowing Machines

Strongman Equipment

10 Rogue Abram GHD Machines

Ballistic Training Blocks

Olympic Steel-Shot Kettlebells

Hi-Tempered Bumper plates (24 each @ 45 lbs/5 lbs/ 2.5 lbs and 48 each @ 25 lbs/10 lbs)

Plyometric Ladders and Hurdles

20 CrossFit Games Box

Dynamax Medicine Balls

Vertical Jump Test Tree