Ben Aiken

Ben began his coaching journey in 2012 as a full time coach at Carolina Crossfit in Columbia, SC. In 2014 he accepted a GM position with Warrior Fitness, and moved to Greenville to join the Swamp Rabbit Crossfit family the following year. Ben is currently the Head Coach at Swamp Rabbit Crossfit and enjoys many other movement pursuits such as Capoeira and Yoga.

Fascinated by gymnastics from an early age, Ben attained his Instructor level Certification from USA Gymnastics in 2013, and has taught several seminars and clinics for CrossFit (and Strength and Conditioning) facilities all over the state of South Carolina. His pursuit of knowledge in this area has afforded him the opportunity to learn from many different gymnastics instructors and coaches.

“I once heard James Fitzgerald (founder of OPEX) say, ‘There are few places on earth where we are asked to make that very real connection with our body and our spirit. CrossFit is one of those places. Dig deep, don’t quit, and discover why you are here.’ Those words have been etched into my brain ever since, and I look forward to helping everyone I meet do just that.”


Ben has been my coach ever since he started working at SRCF. When we started working together, I was coming off of a knee injury which I had been rehabbing for the better portion of a year, and was nervous  and hesitant about jumping back into group classes and potentially overdoing it with my knee. I needed a coach that understood my goals as well as my limitations due to my injury, and who was able to work around that to provide personalized workouts, strength training programs, and auxiliary skill work that would help me achieve those goals without re-injuring myself in the process. Ben has been that coach for me.

After just five months of Ben’s programming I have surpassed my pre-injury PRs on multiple lifts and have seen my personal performance improve in my workouts as well. I am now focusing on weaknesses instead of ignoring them, and even though it can be frustrating at times, Ben is always there providing encouragement, motivation, and support. He is always pushing the people in his classes to achieve more than what they thought they were capable of, but without sacrificing form or technique.  I feel very fortunate to have him as a coach and friend.

– Kristen M.



CF Level 1

CF Level 2

USA Gymnastics Certified Instructor

CF Gymnastics

CF Mobility

OPEX CCP, Assessment

OPEX CCP, Program Design

Catapult Weightlifting Certificate (w/Coach Don McCauley)

Black Belt: Tae Kwon Do