Caitlin Galloway

Really, I was tricked into doing CrossFit. My sister was working the front desk here at SRCF and volunteered to work on Thanksgiving Day. My brother and I, being the good siblings that we are, decided to come do a workout with her because we wanted to hang out together on a holiday, and we also wanted to make space for the large portions of food to come later that day. It was a chipper workout. Jessica was the coach. When I got around to the 30 or so wall balls I was supposed to do, I did maybe 8 and declared CrossFit was not for me. Fast forward to Christmas that same year, once again Lauren volunteered to work in the morning. She somehow convinced us to come back. This time, my parents came to workout with us too. I’m not sure if it was the fun I had working out with my entire family, or the frustration I felt at how sore I was the next day, but I knew CrossFit was something I had to get good at. I’m still getting there…

That was back in 2012. I’ve been doing CrossFit ever since, with a few other locations and sports mixed in there (surfing, kickboxing, swimming, biking). I got my Level 1 in Costa Rica, where I taught CrossFit style classes on the beach in a small surf town. Where barbells, dumbbells, and boxes would be, we had palm branches, driftwood and boulders as our equipment. From Costa Rica, I moved to Houston where I coached and managed a CrossFit in the heart of downtown until I made my way back to Greenville. I became the manager and kickboxing instructor of a gym until I found my place here at Swamp Rabbit Crossfit. This has always been my home away from home and family away from family. I am so grateful and excited to be here, helping better lives the way this place has bettered mine.

Through all my experience coaching, whether CrossFit, bootcamp, kickboxing or even surfing, the best part by far is the relationships I’ve built with each person I’ve met. The feeling is unbeatable.