Garrett Bastianelli – CF-L2 Trainer

I am originally from Greenville SC. I moved away in 2008 and headed down to Columbia SC for what I thought was going to be a successful attempt at college. Shortly after leaving home, I realized college life wasn’t for me. So without talking to anyone in my family about it first, I dropped out of school and enlisted in the Army. I spent roughly six years as an Infantryman. I traveled, visited, and lived in some pretty amazing places. It was actually on a deployment to Iraq in 2009 that I discovered CrossFit.

After returning home, I continued to learn about CrossFit and eventually joined my first box while stationed in Hawaii. It wasn’t long after joining the gym that I decided I wanted to get my Level 1 Certification and become a coach. I completed my L1 in 2012, and have been coaching ever since. Not long after that, I met a little Filipino lady who was also a CrossFit coach. She and I became workout buddies, then friends, and then I somehow managed to get her to marry me. After I left the Army, she and I continued coaching at her gym in Hawaii. Together, we completed our CrossFit gymnastics course, USAW Level 1 course, and CrossFit Level 2 Certification.
We left Hawaii in 2017 and moved to Charlotte NC. While visiting my family in Greenville, we decided to drop in to Swamp Rabbit CrossFit and this has been our “go-to” gym whenever we were in town. As luck would have it, we struck up a conversation with Brandon and were fortunate enough to later be offered positions as full time coaches.

Growing up, my two brothers and I were always outside. Whether it was playing sports or playing in the woods behind the house, we were constantly competing with each other. All that time in sports and growing up outside has made me a lover of the outdoors. I enjoy hiking, camping, tubing, stand up paddle boarding, and just about anything else that gets me out in nature. I also enjoy watching football with friends and nerding out to fantasy shows on Netflix. I also discovered that I have a great time brewing beer and giving them out to friends and family. However, my newest favorite activity is hanging out and playing with our 8 month old baby boy, Kekoa.

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