Megan Baxter

The calm in the competitive storm.

Megan started Crossfit in 2013. Prior to that she had been training for half marathons and managing an organic farm. “Farming kept me moving but I wanted to see results. I had struggled with asthma and scoliosis, which kept me away from sports. CrossFit exposed me to weighted movements, which keep my back strong, and gymnastics, which have increased my balance.” She was drawn not just to the movements but also to the community. In the summer of 2014 she started coaching at her box in Lebanon, New Hampshire. “Coaching is about witnessing change. I help people get better. I see people open up, laugh, make friends, gain confidence, take on challenges and meet goals.”

Megan moved to Greenville in August of 2015 and was thrilled to join the team at Swamp Rabbit CrossFit. She is a graduate student working towards an MFA in Creative Writing and when she isn’t in the gym, she is writing a memoir and personal essays. “I love surprising people with these two worlds, writing and Crossfit! I try to bring strength to my words and creativity to the gym.” Megan loves yoga, her two dogs and baking.


“My time at SRC thus far has been great. I am noticing a real change in my health and fitness. Being a part of a new sport/gym/network is a huge part of it. When I work out alone, I tend to make a lot of excuses for not going to the gym, not working out hard enough, etc. However, the family atmosphere at SRC gives me goals and competition, and it also holds me accountable for coming in every day and working hard.

Specifically, Megan’s training during fundamentals gave me a really great base for entering the sport/lifestyle of CrossFit. Like many other people, CrossFit to me was a daunting endeavor that I was not completely sure I would like. It seems intimidating from the outside, and jumping in was the hardest part, but Megan’s guidance and knowledge made it completely comfortable and beneficial.

One of my favorite parts of SRC and CrossFit is the neighborly feel when I come in to the gym. They are friendly and welcoming, but once the workout starts, they are competitive and uplifting, giving everyone the same attention no matter their skill level. “

– Corbin L.