Elements Test Out Criteria

Test out is by appointment only. Please call to schedule. You must be able to safely complete all of the movements or be able to safely show us a scaled option without instruction in order to bypass the Fundamentals class. 

Demonstrate EachSquat

Preform 5 reps of each with complete focus on depth below 90 degrees, hips back, knees out, proper grounding in feet, and chest up. Every exercise performed with an unloaded barbell except for air squat.

Air Squat

Back Squat

Front Squat

Overhead Squat

Demonstrate Each Press

Perform 5 reps of each with complete focus on driving through heels, midline stability, full lock out at the top, demonstrate control at the top, and weight over center of body/head through. Every exercise performed with an unloaded barbell.


Push Press

Push Jerk


Perform the following movements demonstrating an understanding of the skill and safe form.

Clean/Power Clean

Snatch/Power Snatch




Kettle bell Swing

Push Up

Wall Ball

Pull Ups or demonstrate that you have practiced assisted and know how to modify

Hand Stand push ups or a handstand push up modification

Rope Climb