We're pumped to have you here! Check out how we help the right people finally reach their fitness goals!

Take out the guesswork.

There’s no secret to year round fitness. We provide a coaching program that helps you develop a healthy lifestyle and a consistent workout plan, no matter how busy you are or where you’re starting.


Just Starting Out

“I’m new to working out and I’m ready to lose 10-20 lbs.”
We help you kickstart your fitness and set you up for long term success.

Want Year Round Fitness

“I like to work out, but I’m hit or miss with consistency. I’m ready to really see some results.”
We provide planning and accountability so that you can accomplish your goals.

Our Proven Process

  • Feeling FRUSTRATED because you have a gym membership but don’t use it?
  • “I want to see results, I just start and stop so much that nothing seems to change.”
  • OVERWHELMED because there’s so much out there and you don’t know where to start?
  • Do you spend hours at the gym, but don’t see the results you want?

The truth is… it takes more than just a gym membership to really set up a successful new habit. True TRANSFORMATION and RESULTS come with consistency and accountability. That’s why ALL our coaching programs focus on implementation. This way you won’t start only to stop again… in 2 weeks.

What’s Included?

  • Access To 39 Classes A Week
  • Personalized Exercise Instruction
  • Accountability To Your Goals
  • Healthier Habits Coaching
  • Body and Fitness Results Tracking
  • Goal Review Sessions
  • 6 Showers With Towel Service
  • Proven Exercise Programming

What You Can Expect

After our coaching, you will have:

  • Consistency: You’ll consistently workout 3-4x/week so that you actually see the results.
  • Accountability: You’ll have the support to build a healthy active lifestyle so you can reach your goals.  
  • Confidence: KNOW that you can do more and be more than ever before.
  • Results: Look how you want, feel superhuman, and know how to maintain it for life.

BUT… We Are Not For Everyone: We only help people who are ready to quit fad diets, stop program hopping, are done with fitness shortcuts, and are ready to commit to changing their lifestyle.

We’re grateful to have worked with so many incredible members and seen so many lives changed!

Hear from our members:

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Every coaching program is personalized to your specific needs, goals, and length of program. All of that will have an influence over the price of your coaching package. That said, most coaching programs range (on average) between $41-$63/wk. with programs starting at 12 weeks.

How to get started getting in shape…

Chat with our Rabbit Success Manager, Emily!

Reply to my text! We’ll go over what you need to get started with health & fitness and see if we’re a good fit to work together!